This large hotel chain called us because their premium patterned, commercial carpet had unsightly bleach spots. They did not have any extra carpet from the original installation so the only way to repair this carpet without having to replace it all was to find someone who could dye the bleach stains. Our technician is a certified carpet dye technician. He went to school out of state to study under the best carpet dyer in the nation. Carpet Dyeing is an art and requires extensive technical training. Our carpet dyeing specialist saved this hotel a great deal of money as carpet dyeing is 50% to 80% less than the cost of premature carpet replacement. He was able to restore these spots making the carpet look 90% better. Carpet Dyeing is permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet. All of the dyes we use are completely non-toxic and odor-free which is great for children, pets, the elderly and any one who is sensitive to smells or chemicals.  There is no wait time on when you can walk on the carpet, even thought the carpet will be damp, the dyes are immediately colorfast. You do not even need to clean your carpet first. Our technician uses a “one step” process that both cleans and dyes the carpet at the same time. He will add a gentle cleaning solution to the dye mixture that will not only clean your carpet but will leave you with a spot free finish.  Our company guarantees our dyes to be permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet. Your satisfaction with the job is our primary goal and we look forward to having you as a customer for life. If you would like a free, over the phone estimate we would ask that you send us pictures of the bleach spots. You can text them to us or you can email them. We will then show the dye technician and call you back with an approximate quote. Call our office today at 480-405-7056.