Carpet Dyeing Disclosures

Warranty for Carpet Dyeing

We guarantee our dyes to be permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet. We also guarantee your satisfaction with the job!  Our dyes won’t “walk off” or rub off. The dye sets instantly as we apply it so you can walk on the carpet immediately. The carpet will be slightly damp, but ready for use the minute we’ve finished applying the treatment.

Be SURE to leave the air-conditioning (if available) turned on in your house until the carpet is fully dry. It has been our experience that the carpet will dry the most rapidly if the air-conditioning is left turned on (temperature set about 75 F). This is because the air-conditioning will remove humidity from the air. The use of a floor fan will also be helpful. The more air circulation that is available, the better.

Do not turn on the heat. Turning on the heat will often create a “Florida Effect” which is a hot and humid environment. The carpet will not dry properly under these conditions.