Bleach Spot Dye Service

Bleach spots on your carpet are an unwelcome sight in your home. While bleach is a great product for cleaning and disinfecting, it is not so great for your carpet.

Bleach strips the color from your carpet. In the past, there was nothing consumers could do to fix this problem other than ignoring it or replacing the carpet prematurely.

By using our unique bleach spot dye service, we can eliminate the bleach spots on your carpet with ease.

The Bleach Spot Dyeing Process

To permanently remove the bleach spot from your carpet, we have to neutralize any residual bleach that may be present first.

Bleach is still chemically active long after being spilled on your carpet.

We neutralize the bleach to ensure that the dye sticks to the carpet fibers after application.

We then take a picture of the impacted area and upload it to our proprietary software. This software analyzes the spot and tells us how much dye needs to be mixed to color match the bleach spot to the surrounding area. Pretty amazing, right?  After the analysis is completed, we apply the dye to the affected area.

We can promise you that you will be happy with the results. Our bleach spot dyeing service has helped countless consumers rescue their carpet from immediate removal.

We can fully color match multi-colored carpet and patterned carpets as well. To learn more about bleach spot dye service, give us a call at 480-405-7056 today.