This customer in Cave Creek filled a vase with bleach and as she walked across the room she accidentally tripped spilling the bleach on her Berber carpet in about a six foot by six foot area. She was so upset and immediately went online to try and find a way to repair her carpet. As she searched on google our company, Phoenix Carpet Dyeing, came up in her search results and she called us right away. After talking with her about what had happened, we asked our preliminary questions so that we could provide her with a good estimate for the work. We try very hard to provide as accurate an estimate as possible so as not to shock you with our pricing when we come onsite. Once we knew the size of the damage, that the carpet was Berber and discussed our pricing and policies we then moved forward with setting up an appointment to have the carpet dyeing technician out to her home. This customer needed a same day appointment and our technician was available so we were able to have him out to her home within an hour. Upon arriving, he evaluated the carpet fibers to ensure they would be able to work with the permanent carpet dye. Some carpet has a stain blocker, which may inhibit absorption of our dye. Then he neutralized any residual bleach so that the dye will adhere to the carpet fibers, then he color matched the bleach spot to the surrounding area. Once the area dries the color should lighten up to a great match. Click on here to watch our certified dye technician in action. If you are interested in our specialized carpet dyeing then call our office today. We can be reached at 480-405-7056 and can provide you with a free, over the phone estimate.