Persian & Oriental Rug Restoration

Do you have a Persian or Oriental rug that has been damaged by the harsh Arizona sun? Have you ever thought about having your rug re-dyed?

This is a service that you may not have heard of before. This innovative repair service is not widely known among rug owners in Arizona or the United States.

We trained with the world-renowned experts over at to show us how to re-dye Persian and Oriental Rugs.

We are proud that we can now offer this groundbreaking service to our great customers all over the Phoenix area. 

Common Rug Damage Issues

If you have been a resident of Arizona for any length of time, you know how harsh the summers are around here. The sun and the heat put a lot of stress on our bodies, cars, and even your Oriental rugs.

The tricky thing about sun damage is that it destroys your rug silently. You do not notice the damage until it is severe and needs professional remediation.

Did you know that most rugs in Arizona are damaged by the sun or common chemicals found in cleaning products?  The color blue is extremely prone to fading due to the chemical effects of detergent washing.

Blue dyes are also susceptible to the alkaline found in rug cleaning detergents. The alkaline in the detergents over time causes colors to fade and lose vibrancy. 


If you have an Oriental or Persian rug that has a lot of red in it, sun-fading is of particular concern. The sun breaks down your rug at the molecular level believe it or not.  The molecular structure of the red dye is unable to handle the direct heat of the Arizona sun for very long.

What ends up happening is the molecules in the red dye fail to disperse the heat of the sunlight efficiently and breaks down.

Here are a few steps that you can take to mitigate sun-fading of your Persian or Oriental rug.

  • Buy window film for your windows. This will limit the amount of light shining through your window.
  • Avoid placing rugs under skylights
  • Keep your blinds or curtains drawn

These simple solutions will prevent damage to your rug.  

Should You Use Synthetic Or Natural Dye?

Your Persian or Oriental rug is dyed using either a synthetic manmade dye or a natural plant based dye. There is no particular advantage to using one over the other per se; both dyes have qualities that are unique to them.

Natural dyes do a great job at reflecting light extremely well but they will vary in hue and depth. Synthetic dyes, on the other hand, are more precise in color because it is a man-made product. Both products are guaranteed to produce amazing results. 

How Will Color Restoration Affect Value Of Your Rug?

This is a question that we hear from our clients. We can promise you that a rug restoration done correctly will not diminish that value of your rug one cent. We can provide you with varying degrees of restoration if you wish to preserve some of the “aged” look of your rug. 

The Rug Dyeing Process

First, we pick up the rug from your home and take it back to our restoration facility. We do all of our rug restorations at our facility because we have the equipment readily available at our shop.

Secondly, we examine your rug and make the necessary preparations needed to restore the original colors of your rug.

If your rug only has small areas with discoloration we use syringes to apply the dye. For larger rugs with detailed designs, we use specialized airbrushes to apply the dye to your rug skillfully.

After you rug has been restored to your specifications, we will return your rug to you in pristine condition.

Learn more about our Persian and Oriental rug restoration service by calling 480-405-7056 today!