Color Change

Are you considering replacing your carpet because you think that it can not be saved?

Maybe you have tried other professional carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning products, but your carpet just can’t seem to get the same vibrancy and color that it use to have.

If you have tried these solutions and they have not worked for you, it is time to try a whole new approach. Our color change service allows you to change the color of your carpet to any color that you prefer!

Trust us when we say that every carpet can be saved. You just need to know the right people to call!

Create A Carpet That Caters To Your Style

With our color change service, you are in total control. We can restore the original color of your carpet, or if you want to do something completely different with your carpet, we can do that too.

You can change the color of your carpet to match the decor of your home if you want to do that.  If you just want to make it a little harder for stains to show up on your carpet switching to a darker color will fix that problem too.

Color Change Saves You Money

Changing the color of your carpet is an inexpensive alternative to replacing your carpet. Our color change service will save you up to 75% of the cost of carpet replacement.

Not only is our color change service better for your wallet it is better for our environment as well.

Our color change service keeps one less prematurely thrown out carpet out of the landfill!

Our dyes are safe, odor free and leave no residue.  You can walk on your carpet immediately after application. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Learn more about our color change service by calling 480-405-7056 today.